Talent Search

Identification, assessment and selection of candidates for specific mandates across verticals, functions and levels.


  1. Freeze key search parameters and flexibilities.
  2. Source relevant candidates using internal data bases, references, virtual mediums [ data bases & advertisements, with / without disclosing the identity of the hiring company].
  3. Connect with each potential candidate to understand skill sets, core competencies, exposure, aptitude, aspirations etc and confirm suitability.
  4. Brief the short listed candidates in detail on the organisation and assignment.
  5. Encourage reflection on all parameters before confirming interest.
  6. Analyse interview data and draw up the final shortlist.
  7. Forward short listed CVs with assessment details and a tracker.
  8. Organise interviews and support till final selection – query handling, reference checks if requested, assistance in salary negotiation where required.
  9. Follow through till 6 weeks post joining to confirm seriousness and long term intent as far as possible.

We believe in ethical business practices and therefore

  • Avoid deliberate poaching of people from companies.
  • Do not re-process data of candidates who have accepted assignments on our recommendation.

Time required

2-3 days lead time for data base searches.

7-8 days to generate through advertisements / other sources.